WPFolio: Make your online portfolio with WordPress

WPFolio is a free and open source theme for WordPress designed by artists specifically for visual artists. Visual artists who have a range of experience with the web (from none, to lots).

WPFolio was built for artists like you at the Eyebeam Art and Technology Center with additional support from the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.

Simple design, easy to use, built for your portfolio

Features include:

  • designed by artists to meet artists needs
  • minimal design that emphasizes your images (at 900px wide!)
  • Features separate design for your portfolio and a news/blog section
  • widget-ready sidebar
  • automatic rss feeds so users can subscribe to updates to your site
  • easy to update and maintain
  • includes Theme Options so you can customize colors and fonts without modifying code
  • uses the latest web standards
  • allows you to choose thumbnails to represent your project
  • easy for users to navigate
  • free and open source code
  • Sample Child Theme included to keep your tweaks independent of the parent WPFolio theme
  • Takes advantage of WordPress 3.0 features – Custom Background and Navigation

The design of WPFolio is like a pedestal for your work – no one should notice the pedestal, the focus is on the art that it supports.

Check out the screenshots, browse around, or check out WPFolio in action and decide it it’s for you.

WPFolio Demos:

WPFolio Downloads:

Is WordPress and WPFolio for me?

Are you looking for:

  • a site you can create and manage yourself?
  • a simple site that puts your work in the foreground and backgrounds the design?
  • navigation that is easy to use?
  • a solution that doesn’t need expensive proprietary software like Dreamweaver or a professional coder to support it?
  • code under the hood that will help you get better search results?
  • the ability to keep the form and content of your site separate so you can change the design in the future without rebuilding everything?
  • a site you can customize and change whenever you like to match your aesthetic?

Then WPFolio is for you.

Hey, you might not like every aspect of the design of WPFolio, but the purpose of the theme is to be pretty darn good for most artists. And you’re not stuck with it – if you like,  you can make changes and improvements once you get everything set up and understand how WordPress and WPFolio work. Or switch to an entirely different theme whenever you want! But in the meantime WPFolio will get you off and running quickly and easily leaving your options open for design changes in the future.

Get started with WPFolio – it’s free!

All the instructions you need are here to take you through the process of building your site step by step. Get started!

Contribute Your Improvements

WPFolio is Free and Open Source. It improves because of the community of artists and coders who use it. The WPFolio code is on github and we welcome your patches. Or…

Support Free Software – Consider a Donation

WPFolio took us a lot of time to build, develop, and document. We did this out of a sincere desire to make it easier for you. Did our project save you time? Save you the costs of a designer or webmaster? Would you have otherwise needed a tutor? If you met us in person, would you buy us a beer? A dinner? Please consider making a donation based on what you think WPFolio was worth to you. Although we’ll likely never make back what we’ve put into this, it does mean a lot.

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